Tips on Administering CBD to Your Pet

a man and a dog

CBD products are becoming more popular every day due to the many health benefits they have. However, they are not only good for humans but are also beneficial to pets in several ways. Administering CBD to pets is a subject of study nowadays since the market for the products is expanding. Pet owners have also realized the advantages of CBD for cats and dogs and are looking for the best products. Luckily, you can conveniently buy the best pet cbd products from reliable online stores.

Here are some tips on administering CBD products to your pet:

Introduce by Administering Low CBD Dosages

atart with low doseIt is recommended to begin with a low dose when introducing CBD to a pet and check its effects. For example, you can start administering  5ml of the compound 2 times a day to the pet and keep to the routine for some weeks. Monitor the reaction, then adjust the quantity accordingly to attain better results. Starting slow and low helps in minimizing the possible side effects of CBD usage. For a low dosage, it is recommended to use an easy oral solution since they come with a measured dropper.

Consult Your Vet

It is crucial to consult the vet before beginning any new supplement or product to the pet’s regimen. This will enable you to find answers to the questions about CBD administration. Moreover, the vet can examine the pet’s health, change any other medication they are taking, and advise on the best way forward.

Find the Right Time to Give CBD

Dinner is the most recommended time to administer CBD to a pet. You will need to pamper it with maximum support, which includes giving quality food with components that can benefit their wellbeing. When you add the compound to their meals, it will be more beneficial to them. It will also provide an enjoyable experience since the CBD oil digests and is infused into the bloodstream gradually. Moreover, when it is provided at dinner time, it will help the pet to change in the new program effectively.

Make the Pet Sniff the CBD Product

In case you are planning to start using CBD for the dog, you can let it sniff the product. Dogs have numerous olfactory receptors located in their noses, which enable them to detect a lot of information about what they sniff. Add a few drops of the oil to the feeding bowl. The dog might not be pleased with the scent since CBD is a plant extracted product. However, you will be able to identify their first response.